6 ways to increase the lifespan of your security roller shutters

Installing security roller shutters from a reputed manufacturer of roller shutters like EzyFit Roller Shutters gives an extra protective layer of security to your home, office and shop front. But you already know this!

As someone who has installed our DIY security roller shutters, you also know that they stop uninvited intruders from entering your property and safeguard it from burglary or possible vandalism. These roller shutters also save you, your property and your money by protecting the windows from any physical damage due to nearby bushfires or cyclones. They are an excellent deterrent from damage of all kinds for domestic and commercial properties.

Now coming to the good part! Though these roller shutters are known for their maintenance-free quality, you can still enhance their longevity. And the maintenance does not have to be the all-out dismantling and servicing type maintenance.

The Roller Shutters experts at EzyFit Roller Shutters, manufacturer of the best roller shutters in Melbourne, have compiled a list of simple ways for you to extend the lifespan of your roller shutters and keep them in the best working condition. These ways try to help you so that you don’t have to spend extra bucks on unnecessary repairing issues.

Clean the shutters regularly

Just like any other machinery, roller shutters also need to be cleaned, not just when they are dirty but on a regular basis. Dirt or debris, if lodged in the shutter guides, may hamper their functionality.

Always have a cleaning schedule for your shutters based on the nearby environment. If you live in a metro suburb area, try and clean your shutters in at least 6 months. If you reside in rural areas, clean them every 4 months and if you live in coastal areas, clean them every 2 months.

How to clean Security Roller Shutters

  • Always start with removing debris or twigs or leaves stuck in the shutter. Check the tracks for debris when the shutter is fully opened.
  • Then mix a mild detergent or car wash in a bucket full of warm water.
  • Pre-rinse the closed shutter with water and start cleaning it with a soapy broom with soft bristles.
  • If it’s simple dust, use a cloth but if the shutters have sticky material on them, use a brush.
  • Once you are satisfied with the cleaning, rinse them with clean water.

NOTE: Do not use abrasives like bleach or steel scrapers.

Cycle the shutters regularly!

Do you expect a car to run after not being used for almost a year? No, right? Similarly, the cycling of roller shutters is very important for their functioning.

Whether you keep the roller shutters open for a long time or even if you leave them shut always, remember to cycle them once every 1-2 weeks. This keeps their parts moving and flexible. So, operate your security shutters regularly to keep them healthy.

Do not force the opening or shutting of roller shutters

Regular cycling of the shutters is important but how you do it is also important. Never push the roller shutters open or shut forcefully. If the shutters are not cycling properly, check if something is stuck making them impossible to move. Force shutting or opening can further cause problems in their functioning and even cause serious damage.

If you have awning windows, casement windows or hopper windows on your property, always ensure that the windows are closed before you shut the roller shutters. If you fail to do so, the shutters might land on the open window as the motor will continue to drive the shutter down. It can also lead to a burnt motor or a broken curtain. If this has already happened, reach out to the experts at EZYFit Roller Shutters today!

Do not ignore any wear and tear

Though premium roller shutters from a reputed manufacturer like EzyFit Roller Shutters do not wear and tear easily, it is always good to be extra careful. Keep an eye out for any tell-tale signs of wear and tear and track anything that needs to be fixed in the roller shutters.

If you hear any kind of unusual noise or vibrations during the cycling of the shutters, make sure you get them looked at by professionals before it becomes worse.

NOTE: ALWAYS REMEMBER, do not attempt to fix roller shutters on your own if you have no idea what the problem is.

Avoid any lubricants

Though roller shutters require regular oiling or application of lubricants, the shutter system of the DIY Roller Shutters in Perth by EzyFit Roller Shutters has been specially designed to be low-maintenance. They don’t need much oiling to keep them functioning.

Rather, over-application of lubricants may cause them to malfunction. Plus, sticky lubricants attract dirt and dust onto the roller shutters. If you use any sort of lubricant on these window shutters, it will do more harm than good to the shutters.

Monitor your battery backup

Another way to improve the functionality of battery-operated security roller shutters is to test the battery backup. Every 6 months, turn the power off from the circuit breaker and check if the battery backup is still working or not. A fully charged battery backup should be able to operate a standard size shutter for a couple of cycles every a few hours before it’s empty. Doing so will help extend the life of the battery as well.

If you have to run your roller shutters on battery backup UPS power when the 240v power goes out, always operate ONLY ONE shutter at a time.

Roller shutters are a great investment for your home, office or shop front. At EzyFit Roller Shutters want to ensure this investment is a long-lasting one. Order premium quality security roller shutters for your home or office from our online DIY roller shutter store anywhere in Australia such as Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney to get started on this journey today. And for any help, reach out to us on 1800 399 348.

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