Climate Control & Insulation


Roller Shutters Climate Control and Insulation – EzyFit Roller Shutters behave in a very similar manner to double glazing by creating an air pocket in front of your window. Plus they are foam filled and this gives you an extra barrier against heat and cold for a more constant temperature in your home without the need for air conditioning or ducted heating for extreme outside temperature conditions. You can expect your home to be around 15° cooler in summer and 15° warmer in winter. When fitted with EzyFit Roller Shutters, your home becomes a much more comfortable and pleasant environment to be in.

Most of us prefer our summers cooler and our winters warmer but our homes don’t help as much as they could. With shutters you can dramatically improve how your home feels.

Climate control isn’t the main reason people generally buy shutters. Maybe you want to save energy, secure your home or reduce the noise from noisy neighbours. However, it’s important to remember that unlike most window coverings, shutters give you more than just one benefit.

Roller Shutters on Alfresco in any sunny climate