Roller Shutters Are the Fastest Growing Window Covering for Australian Homes

They provide more benefits than any other window covering on the market.


Increases Your Security

Over 250,000 burglaries are committed against Australians every year. Don’t leave it too late to secure your home from intruders!

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (2015)


Decreases Energy Costs

In the ten years prior to June 2013, household electricity prices increased 72%. In addition, household gas prices increased 54%. Our roller shutters can save up to 40% on home energy costs!

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (2014)


Protects Your Home

Fire authorities in all Australian states recommend shutters to “protect your windows from debris” and the associated heat risks to your windows.

Source: CFA Planning For Bushfire, (2009)


Reduces Your Risks

Insured losses from natural disasters (e.g. hail, bushfires, cyclones) have increased at an annual rate of $32million per yearsince 1967. Keep your home safe with roller shutters!

Source: Insurance Council of Australia (2014)

You get all the following benefits in one complete package!


Automatic Control

Don’t go for labour-intense or high maintenance solutions like blinds, awnings, and curtains. Our roller shutters will provide your home with functionality and control that alternative products just cannot match. You have the opportunity to operate your home’s security, privacy and climate with the push of a button!

Strong Aluminium Slats

Our window roller shutters are designed to last, with lightweight aluminium slats that are coated in durable enamel. This is a window covering solution that provides benefits for years to come. Improve your home’s security and protection with roller shutters from EzyFit Roller Shutters.

Secure Locking Mechanism

The EzyFit Roller Shutters utilise an innovative locking mechanism that is far superior than competitors’ products. When your roller shutters are in the closed position, the automatic locking system will keep your shutter in place. This automatic, anti-lift locking system effectively prevents intruders from opening or lifting your roller shutters; keeping your home safe and secure.