Privacy & Light Control


Privacy & Light Control of Roller Shutters -The motorised roller shutters gives you the choice and anywhere in between. Do you want to sleep during the day but find it difficult because of the light coming through the windows? Night shift worker and struggling to have a good sleep during the day? Too much glare from the sun coming through making it difficult to watch television? The Sun glare damaging or fading the carpet, furniture or floor? Need a cinema room? Find out how EzyFit Roller Shutters can solve all of your problems with external light.

A double storey property with seven roller shutters in the front to protect their privacy

Reducing Outdoor Light

With our roller shutters, you can keep external light out to ensure a perfect sleep. If you’re a shift worker, or you’re setting up a home media room – our roller shutters are the perfect solution. They will reduce glare, darken the room and ensure your furniture doesn’t suffer from sun damage.

Other Products

The majority of other window coverings are typically installed on the interior of your home. This means they’re unable to provide full, comprehensive coverage for your windows. For this reason, the light is able to protrude through the blind slats or gaps around the outside edges. This light seepage can be increased significantly based on the direction of your home and placement of your windows.

Furthermore, other blinds or shutters will not provide you with the level of control offered by roller shutters. Their movement is often restricted to a slight angle variation, and almost always require manual operation.

EzyFit Roller Shutters

With our external roller shutters, they are typically installed on the exterior of your home. In addition, our motorised shutters are manufactured from interlocking aluminium slats. Because of these interlocking slats, there are no gaps or leaks where light can penetrate through the window covering. This is a huge advantage in comparison to other window coverings.

The EzyFit Roller Shutters are effective at controlling the light that enters your property. Our shutters will reduce the damage that your carpet, furniture and belongings are subjected to. Because the roller shutters are motorised, they can be easily opened or closed based on the needs of your property.