Energy Savings

energy-savingEzyFit Roller Shutters are able to save you up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs simply by stabilising the inside temperature in your home.

By having the Best roller shutter fully down in summer, it stops the sun’s rays hitting the glass and entering your home whilst also increasing in temperature after passing through the glass. The sun’s rays bounce off the EzyFit Roller Shutters and do not enter your home. The same applies in winter with cold air not being able to pass through the roller shutter because of the foam insulation.

Therefore, you will use your air conditioner and heater 40% less than without roller shutters.

House with three roller shutters in the front enjoying energy savings because of the insulation

NatHERS Study

An independant, Nationwide Housing Energy Rating Scheme study (NatHERS) found that homeowners could save quite a lot on their energy bills when using roller shutters.

These savings, much like the savings from solar panels, add up to more than the cost of the roller shutters over time.

Click this image to see the full study results: