Increase your home value with modern roller shutters

When it comes to your overall financial picture, your home’s value makes up for a good chunk of your worth. Value basically means the amount buyers in the market are willing to pay for your home. So, regardless of whether you want to sell your home or not, you should know what the current value of your home in the market is. Plus some sureshot ways to increase this value.

Though there are a lot of ways to increase your home’s value, the experts who manufacture the best roller shutters in Adelaide and all across Australia, are here to tell you one of the simplest ways: MODERN ROLLER SHUTTERS!

So how can modern roller shutters help boost the overall value of your home? Here are some pointers to help you understand this a little better.


Adds on to the beauty of the home

First impressions are the last impressions. And the first thing a prospective buyer sees is THE HOME! Meaning the aesthetics of the home and how it looks from the outside.

Modern roller shutters help you to add that distinct appeal to your home and help you entice more and more buyers with that. It adds on to the visuals and works as a high-end accessory to give your home’s outdoor aesthetic that ‘wow’ factor. Nowadays these shutters are available in a wide range of colours and style, so that you can customize it according to your current decor. DIY roller shutters in a colour that suits your taste and complements your property’s aesthetics, are just a click away.


Extra layer of security

Nearly 66 percent of all burglaries are residential break-ins and rising incidents have led to increased safety measures by every homeowner. Many buyers look for state of art home security systems to secure their places. One such cost-effective security system is: modern roller shutters. The shutters are a strong deterrent which protects the property from burglaries and saves the homeowner from incurring a major loss due to it. Potential buyers can easily see how they can avoid burglaries and the emotional and financial loss followed by it with the help of roller shutters. Shutters can be custom built according to the size of the window for perfect installation, leaving zero room for any thief to take a shot at a break-in.

So a fancy kitchen or backyard pool might increase the number of applicants signing up to buy your home, but so can the best roller shutters in Sydney, amongst other places.



Increases longevity of home

There are different regions in a country. Some are prone to cyclones and some to bushfires. In such areas, windows easily shatter or get destroyed from the devastating effect of such natural calamities which in turn make homes more susceptible to damage.

Made of aluminium, modern roller shutters are strong enough to safeguard your family and home from the flying debris or fire in such extreme cases. When it saves the property from such severe damages, it increases the overall life of the property by not letting it get harmed.


Privacy matters!

People looking for home, usually look for a place to unwind in peace and get some privacy. A place where prying passerby can’t peek into from outside. Roller shutters, when shut, block any view inside of the home from the outside world. The people outside the property or in the society can’t see anything going inside the home.

Adding on to such features, window shutters also block extra natural light and unwanted outside noise to the extent that you want. That means privacy with peace! If someone wants to cut off from the noisy neighbours, window shutters are the best option for them to do so. When shut, they cancel up to 80% of the outside noise so that the family inside the home can easily rest without any disturbance.

Such features offered by modern roller shutters can add real value to your home as buyers want the peace these shutters provide the property with.


Energy-efficient property

In a country like Australia, where summers can be extremely hot and winters super chilly, you end up using air conditioners or ducted heaters to be comfortable in either weather. And all this temperature modulation adds up to increasing your energy bills.

Roller shutters are energy-efficient. They can keep you home up to 15 degrees cooler during the summer months and 15 degrees warmer during the cold season. If it’s hot outside, rolling down shutters can retain the cool air in and keep the space cooler for longer. Similarly if it’s cold outside, roller shutters prevent the cold winds from entering the home, through any crevice or air cavities, often found in older windows. Not just that, they prevent heat loss to the outside environment through the window’s surface as well, by forming an extra layer above the window. So new buyers can relax about not having to over rely on AC or heater for maintaining ambient room temperatures. Window shutters can be an important factor in the smart home buyer’s checklist.

So what are you waiting for now? Looking for roller shutters in Sydney or anywhere in Australia? Modern roller shutters are available on EzyFit Roller Shutters for you to increase your home value today! Reach out to us on 1800 399 348 for more such useful tips.

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