Noise Reduction

>Enjoy the quietness of your own home or business by up to 80%. The difference that our roller shutters can provide for you, with the double wall aluminium slats and polyurethane foam inside them, gives you the barrier against noise for a peaceful environment. Noisy neighbours at all hours of the night, someone cutting their lawns very early on a Sunday morning, or just busy high traffic road will be a thing of the past. With our window roller shutters, you can refuse to let in all that outside unwanted noise or keep in the noise you are making yourself; it’s your choice. You can check our soundproofing test results here:

All roller shutters are down on a house to maximise noise reduction benefits

Reducing External Noise

With our roller shutters, you can keep external noise out while keeping interior noise in. Don’t settle for disruptive, loud or unmanageable exterior noise. EzyFit Roller Shutters are able to improve the quietness of your home or business by up to seventy-five percent! There are numerous situations where installing roller shutters can help issues with external noise, including:

  • Early morning construction or landscaping work
  • You have noisy neighbours
  • Setting up a home media room or studio
  • You’re a night shift worker
  • Living near high traffic road noise

Insulated Aluminium Slats

Our EzyFit Roller Shutters are manufactured from insulated aluminium slats. These aluminium slats are insulated with polyurethane foam, which provides an effective barrier for your home against external noise. The polyurethane foam is particularly effective because it created a sound barrier that blocks sound transmission, while also contributing to sound absorption. Use our roller shutters to create a quiet, comfortable and peaceful environment for your home.

EzyFit Roller Shutters

Installing a noise reduction system doesn’t mean you need to trade functionality for style. With EzyFit Roller Shutters, you can choose between nine new ColorBond colours to match your home’s existing design. Don’t settle for ugly or impractical noise reduction solutions. Choose EzyFit Roller Shutters for a window covering that’s going to improve the functionality, security and aesthetics of your home.

With our window roller shutters, you can easily control the external or internal noise of your property. If you’ve got busy construction or neighbours, simply lower your roller shutters to cancel out the noise. With the push of a button you can operate your home’s noise control. For more comfort and peace, and a lot less noise, choose EzyFit Roller Shutters.

Why buy EzyFit Roller Shutters? Find out now!

Our roller shutters are manufactured from tough interlocking aluminium slats. These slats are coated in long-lasting enamel to ensure protection for years to come.

As the shutters are completely automatic, they can be lowered for noise reduction in a matter of seconds. This convenience is only furthered by the simple and hassle-free means of operation. Whether you’re using the wall-switch or the remote control, you can completely setup your home’s soundproofing with the push of a button! Once the external noise is reduced to a comfortable level, you can raise your shutters back up and out of sight.

The EzyFit Roller Shutters are available in nine new ColorBond colours, so they can be matched to your home’s exterior. These shutters are an unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing addition to your home’s noise reduction.