The Origin of the EzyFit Concept

EzyFit Roller Shutters have been specially designed so that the consumers can now install their own shutters to save money and control the quality of work that is performed on their home.

With extensively developed selection & measure and installation instructions, you can now measure, order, and install roller shutters yourself with relative ease.

There is no need to spend extra money to have a company complete the whole job for you.

If you are unsure whether this is for you, our measure instructions are available online and in-store, and our installation instructions are available on this website.

You can have a look through to see if it is something you would consider trying.

“EzyFit Roller Shutters” products and website are a part of “Ultimate Shutter Pty Ltd”, an Australian owned and operated company.

About the Manufacturer

Ultimate Shutter is a Melbourne based company that specialises in manufacturing and supply of roller shutters. Established in 1987, we are proud to say that we are one of the most prominent roller shutter specialists in Australia.

Although the main focus is on manufacture and supply of roller shutters, we have expanded our horizons and increased our product range to include security cabinets and now the DIY EzyFit Roller Shutters.

Seeing the need for a DIY solution, Ultimate Shutter began to extensively research the possibility of a professional DIY system that passes all the tests from next to unbreakable packaging to reliable transport, simple to measure, and easy to install. We have covered all areas: our extensive videos cover measuring, ordering, installing, troubleshooting and servicing. You will have no difficulty in any part of the process from measuring to installing your DIY EzyFit Roller Shutters and if there are any questions that need answering, we have a 24 hour call centre with service staff ready to take your call and assist you with any questions.

Enjoy your new roller shutters!

Ultimate Shutter

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