Roller Shutter Benefits


EzyFit Roller Shutters offer Australian homes and businesses numerous benefits beyond security. With our roller shutters installed, you receive benefits to your weather protection, noise reduction, insulation and more!

Our roller shutters provide premium features for your property without compromising design or functionality. You can manage the security, temperature and noise of your property with the push of a button.

Our aluminium roller shutters are made from strong interlocking aluminium slats which are coated in durable enamel for long-lasting appeal. The shutters quickly create attractive safety barriers out of ordinary entry points.

EzyFit Roller Shutters are easily adjustable, retractable and lockable making them the perfect choice for both homes and businesses alike. The motorised shutters are highly beneficial and functional additions which add value to your property. Thanks to their intelligent design they enable easy control of temperature, security and conditions.

Shutter Benefits Include:

  • Enhances security dramatically
  • Energy Saving for improved insulation and temperature control
  • Enables sound control & up to 80% noise reduction.
  • Increases privacy
  • Increases fire resistance of your property
  • Improved internal and external style of your property
  • Minimises Glare and harsh light
  • Improves protection against inclement weather
  • Minimises furniture damage by harsh sunlight