Parts of a Shutter

Ezyfit Roller Shutters are the best developed, engineered and built roller shutters in Australia.

1) Roller shutter profile Made in Italy NEW!
Pracal 45 mm aluminium foam filled slats .33 gauge and a total of 8mm wide that have been designed to roll up more compact and span up to 3200 mm with less flexing than other profiles from Australia Europe or China the paint finish is anti corrosion and anti-scratch for one of the most durable and strong profiles available. They are foam filled and the foam expands to completely fill the inside of each profile slat.

2) AC Motors 230 vlt Made in Italy NEW! (OR) DC Motors Available
ASA tubular motors highly regarded as one of the quietest and most reliable motors on the world market today with a 36 year history of motor manufacture these are the absolute premium in tubular motors smooth quiet strong and longer lasting than the competitors.

3) Aluminium Pelmets Made in Spain NEW!
Expalum is renowned for manufacturing high quality pelmets using high grade aluminium these pelmets are much lighter and much more durable than metal or colorbond specifically for high corrosion areas they are also a better insulator for heat and noise

4) Cast Pelmet Ends Made in Spain NEW!
Expalum manufactured Die cast aluminium pelmet ends strong and ridged suitable to withstand extremely high weight loads for supporting fully retracted ezyfit roller shutters

5) Aluminium Axle
Strongest aluminium axle available in Australia 56 mm x 2.1 mm extruded aluminium able to span up to 3200mm without flexing also simple to secure roller shutter onto axle without interfering with the 45 mm tubular motor.

6) Shutter guides
54 mm x 1.6 mm extruded aluminium with anti-scratch paint finish strong and secure

7) Bottom rail
50 mm x 1.6 mm twin chamber strengthening rail with anti-scratch paint finish

8) Protective side plates
These are fitted so as the roller shutter can only operate between these two plates, saving the potential for a service when the roller shutter gets jammed onto the entry guides by limiting the roller shutter’s movement.

9) White rubber rings
These are used to protect roller shutter from making contact with the axle as not to damage the paint.

10) Foam pad shutter springs
Foam pad used as a preventive against metal springs scraping against roller shutter

11) Sealed bearings
Used for less roll resistance and smoother operation.

12) Heavy duty idle axle roller
Solid 6mm x 54mm nylon axle roller can support large roller shutters up to 154kg without flexing

13) Shutter locks
This is the first anti-lift/automatic locking system that actually works. This system stops intruders from lifting the shutter (other roller shutters on the market can be lifted).
When the roller shutter is fully closed, our unique locking system keeps the shutter in its place, preventing intruders from leveraging the shutter open.

14) Shutter stops
This is designed for windows with no window sills for shutters to stop on. This is much more aesthetically appealing than the traditional sill angles.

15) Complete assembled package
The roller shutters and shutter guides are sent complete as a fully assembled package Motor limits are factory pre-set for up and down. This allows for easy transportation and safe handling. The fully assembled roller shutter allows for quick and easy installation

16) Special Designed Packaging
All shutters are packed with foam inserts incorporated into each package to help absorb any potential impact. Packed ends are also incorporated to help absorb any potential impact from being dropped in handling or transportation

Do you need to order roller shutter parts? Email us at [email protected] or call 1800 399 348 to place an order.