Measure Instructions

You can use these instructions for how to measure, as well as each item on the order form.



Measure the height on the face of the wall from top to bottom of the opening and input the exact measurement on the order form.

Important: Do not add or subtract off the opening measurements taken


Measure the width from the left to the right of the opening and input the exact measurement on the order form.

Important: Do not add or subtract off the opening measurements taken.

Area Name

Choose a name or description for each roller shutter you order to help you identify and install the roller shutters in the right place.

Example: master bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, etc.

Control Methods

AC Electric Motors

  • Average life span of 15 to 17 years
  • Choise of a wall mounted switch or remote controls
  • Connected to the AC mains of the house
  • Needs a qualified electrician to do the wiring for you

AC Motor with Wall Switch

If you select an AC Motor with a wall switch you can choose what switch you would like to use, at the moment we have 2 wall switches available, a glass wall switch, and a key operated switch.

AC Motor with Wireless Upgrade

You can select an AC motor with Wireless upgrade, this gives you a Wireless Motor, to go with this you need a remote control, these can be purchased separately, as there’s different remotes, depending on how you want to use them. One of the is a wall mounted remote control.

Control Side

You can select to have the control switch on the right or left of the window.

The reference on the order form for left or right is when viewed from the inside of the house.

For wireless shutters the power cable will be installed on the selected side.

Installation Type

Face-Fit and In-Reveal options are the 2 most common, where the limited installation is only to be used if the opening is limited by an obstruction on the side.

Try and select In-Reveal installation for a more integrated look on your home, if your wall and widow type permit this installation


Suitable for all types of openings.

Roller shutter guides are secured on the face of the wall and outside the opening.


Suitable for all types of openings with a recess of at least 30mm. Roller shutter is secured inside the opening.

There are often issues with casement, awning and hopper windows.


Same as face-fit but suitable for openings that are limited by a return wall on one side.

Finished Size

Finished size install size means we make the roller shutter the same size that you put down as your opening size, this is not recomended, except for advanced usage, the pelmet will be inside of this size as well.

Finished Size (Excluding Pelmet)

This is the same as Finished size, we make it the same size as your opening size with no adjustments, except the pelmet will go above the opening


If there is an obstruction (like eave, veranda, pergola, pipe, etc.) above the opening, measure the distance from the top of the opening to the obstruction. If the distance is less than 300 mm, write the measurement on the order form.


No obstruction or clearance more than 300mm from the top of the opening.

Do not fill this part of the order form. (Keep this section blank)

If clearance is less than 300mm from top of the opening.

Write the measurement on the order form.

If obstruction is level with the top of the opening i.e. no clearance

Write 000 on the order form.

Wall Type

Identify what type of wall you will be installing the roller shutter on, this will make sure get the correct fixings to install your roller shutter.

Brick / Precast Concrete

Weatherboard / Cladding

Rendered Blueboard

Rendered Foam

Window Type

Please select what type of window your roller shutter will be installed on, we use this to detect common errors with shutter configurations.







Sill / Shutter Stops

The window sill allows the roller shutter to sit and close upon it. If your windows don’t have sills, you will need to use seperate shutter stops.

Opening without sill

Opening complete with sill

Packing Profile

Window frames or handles that protrude past the exterior wall can interfere with the operation of the shutter.  Packing profiles are used to provide a gap between the roller shutter and the face of the exterior wall to clear the handle or window frame.

If packing profile is needed, measure from the face of the wall to the window frame or handle and write the measurement on the order form.