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All rates include GST, as well as shipping charges where these are not indicated separately.

Ezyfit management reserves the right to cancel any promotion/discount at any time, before or after the sale period.

Note: Discounts and/or product offers do not apply to products purchased before or after the specified promotional period.

Website promotions & sales are apply to online purchases only. Pricing & order configurations may also vary from retail stores.

Placing Your Order:

The order process through our online shop consists of several steps. First, you select the desired goods by following the measure instructions or visiting How to Measure page on the website. Next, you must provide your measurements and other order data, including the billing address and delivery address (if different). As a next step, you must select the payment method. Finally, you have the option of checking all the information provided (e.g. name, address, payment method, ordered goods) and correcting it if required before sending us your order by clicking “Purchase”.

We will process your order and assign an estimated delivery date upon receipt of the information.

Please note that production lead times commence only when we have received the full payment. It is the customers responsibility to ensure this is paid in a timely manner.

Every order once placed is assessed by our internal team, any order with any technical issue will not be validated. In which case Ezyfit will give customer an option either to get their full amount refunded or reprocess the order once the technical issues are resolved.

Direct Delivery Serviceability:

Direct Delivery applies for Major Cities (RA1) of Australia as per the Australian Standard Geographical Classification – Remoteness Area (ASGC-RA) by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Areas that are not Major Cities in the structure, or some properties/farms may not be able to receive direct delivery. In these instances, a delivery will need to be made to your local Bunnings store or most accessible depot.

An interactive map showing location classifications can be found on the Doctor Connect website: or the Australian Bureau of Statistics have published a document with information on the structure at$File/1270055005_july%202011.pdf

Delivery Turnaround Time:

15 working days’ turnaround applies for Major Cities (RA1) of Australia as per ASGC-RA by the ABS. Areas that are not Major Cities in the structure may incur delays in delivery, irrespective if the delivery is a direct delivery or not. Please check the map at Doctor Connect to double check your location, or simply call us. Public holidays, Easter, and Christmas can extend the delivery up to 30 days.

5-7 workings days’ turnaround time applies for Major Cities (RA1) only.

Promotional campaigns around delivery times apply to online orders only.

Delivery Tracking and Arrival:

Our carriers deliver between 9 am – 5 pm from Monday to Friday. It is not possible to schedule an exact time or day for delivery when you place your order, nor is it possible to get the carrier to call before delivery. Package tracking details are provided via email after the package has been booked so that customers are able to make themselves available to accept the delivery.

Delivery Attempts, Futile Deliveries and Authority to Leave:

Free delivery only covers the first delivery attempt; no second delivery will be done or re/direct allowed without an incurred cost.

Authority to leave (ATL) the products in a safe location on your premises has been granted to the carriers in the event that you are not able to sign for your delivery.

In the event that the carrier cannot leave the products on your premises, a calling card will be left that allows you to collect it yourself from the nearest depot or you can reschedule delivery by contacting us first to clear re-delivery fees.

Damaged Deliveries and Delivery Claims:

All damaged delivery claims must be made within 48 hours of the product being delivered/picked up. For insurance purposes, we are not able to make claims if notification and supporting evidence is not provided within 48 hours. Please check packages and contents after delivery.

If there are visible signs of damage on the cardboard package, the packages should be photographed and then opened to inspect for any damages to the roller shutter’s pelmet box, pelmet ends, and shutter guides.

If the product is received with any damages, notification and photos should be made within 48 hours of delivery by lodging the claim on , sending an email to, or contacting us on 1800 399 348. Supporting evidence needs to be provided within 48 hours.

Terms Relating to Damage, Refund, and Returns:

Minor manufacturing damages will be rectified by sending new parts or components. If the roller shutter is damaged beyond repair, EzyFit Roller Shutters will organise the return shipment. Item must be returned within 30 days after the buyer receives it. Refund will be given as exchange.

All other return or shipment requirements as a result of any changes needed after receiving the roller shutter is the customer’s responsibility. This may include but is not limited to: ordering additional parts, changing the size as a result of wrong measurement, or any repairs or return needs caused by damages during installation.

In certain circumstances, we may be required to reject your order. This instance may occur where the product is unavailable, or where there is an error in the price or product description posted to the website.

Wiring AC Electrical Motors:

AC Electric motors need to be wired into the mains of the property by a fully qualified electrician. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure this is done by a registered and qualified electrician.

Warranty is void if a valid certificate of electrical safety has not been issued for the wiring by a qualified electrician.

DC Motor Specification:

All retail store orders that include a DC motor come equipped with a T20 spec motor. Online orders may receive either an L10 or T20 depending on size.

Warranty Terms:

Visit Warranty page on the website for more information.

This warranty applies to online orders only. For orders from retail stores please see the warranty information on the back of the brochure or the warranty card included with your item.


Order Form:

For install orders, exact measurements are not needed to place an order. Measurements can be off be immaterial amounts for the sake of ordering. The products will be manufactured based on the technician’s site visit where they will take accurate measurements.

Right of Refusal:

For install orders, we reserve the right to reject the job after site inspection or after viewing photo documentation of the property/application for safety reasons, accessibility issues and location issues.

Installation Site Location:

For install orders, we cannot guarantee that an installation will be possible for locations further than 40km driving distance from your local Bunnings Store or locations outside Major Cities (RA1) and Inner Regional (RA2) from the ASGC-RA by the ABS.

Site Visit Allotment:

For install orders, one site measure/inspection visit, one installation allotment (may occur over multiple days) and one wiring allotment (may occur over multiple days) is allowed for.

Futile Site Visits:

For install orders, extra costs will be incurred for futile site visits of any nature.

Clear Working Areas and Obstructions:

For install orders, openings/applications and working area must be clear and ready to have the roller shutters installed. At site inspection/measure, upon the technician’s recommendations, obstructions must be removed for installation to take place or the working area must be cleared.

Above Ground Level Installs and Scaffolding:

For install orders, openings above ground floor (i.e. double storey) will require scaffolding to have the job successfully completed, which is a one off fee. In addition, any opening where the top of the opening exceeds 3.2 metres from level ground will be considered an opening above ground level, and will thus require scaffolding – this must be ticked as an above ground opening on the order form.

High Openings and Shutters:

For install orders, openings where the top of the opening is greater than 5.8 metres from level ground will not be able to have roller shutters installed by the Ezy-Fit team.