How to add privacy & style to your home with Roller Shutters!


Whether it is clothing or security, one should always do it in style. As an expert in outdoor roller shutters in Perth and in Australia, we recommend securing your home while also enhancing its beauty and privacy from nosy neighbours. So here we are, not just with a suggestion but a SOLUTION!

1) Roller Shutters: Perfect coverage for every window

Windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While curtains and blinds may look beautiful, they don’t quite add to your privacy in quite the same way. Plus, curtains and blinds are not much of a defence against noise, prospective intruders, or any other threats to your home’s security. A great way to tackle all of the above is to install outdoor roller shutters. They can be installed on every window in your house, no matter what shape or size!

TIP: If you want to install DIY domestic roller shutters only on some windows of your property and can’t decide which ones they should be, you can go by two options. Either install shutters on the lower floor of your residence or install shutters on all the front-facing windows of your house for uniformity. If you are still confused, consult the experts at EzyFit DIY Roller Shutters!

2) Shutters for privacy

For people who think maintaining privacy in the house is easy… you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! If your house is near a busy street and you are constantly worried about peeping strangers or neighbours, outdoor roller shutters are the perfect choice for you.

EzyFit DIY Roller Shutters manufactures aluminium roller shutters that can be rolled all the way down for you to keep you safe from the prying eyes of nosy neighbours. No one can look through these opaque metal shutters, giving you complete peace of mind.

BONUS POINT! The shutters also lower the unwanted noise from outside by up to 80% and give you ultimate privacy with complete silence to work, sleep or just chill at your home.

Shutters for a beautiful home

Gone are the days when they used to be big, ugly metal pieces installed on doors and windows. In today’s world, outdoor roller shutters are more versatile, lightweight, elegant and stronger than ever before. When it comes to selecting them for your home, there are numerous options to consider from.

Our expertly manufactured DIY roller shutters available in Perth, and all across Australia, come in a number of colours to match your home’s decor. When rolled down they enhance the look of your house by giving it a modern and sleek touch of beauty. So you can easily impress people by adding a personality to it.

3) Shutters increases your home value

You already know that DIY domestic roller shutters provide both security and privacy, both major plus points while buying property. Moreover, they create a sophisticated appearance. But this is not all! Outdoor roller shutters in Perth, manufactured by experts at EzyFit DIY Roller Shutters, keep homes well-insulated during summers and winters. Through the temperature control, roller shutters cut down energy bills too. Plus, these durable outdoor roller shutters go on for a longer time. Together all these features add up for a prospective buyer increasing the overall value of your home!

Our premium quality DIY outdoor roller shutters in Perth are extremely easy to install. So, order them for your home or even office from our online DIY roller shutter store or call on 1800 399 348 today.

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