Why your home & shopfront need Security Roller Shutters from EzyFit Roller Shutters

  • Home security CHECK
  • Unwanted Noise reduction CHECK
  • Energy efficiency CHECK
  • Privacy and light control CHECK
  • Bushfire protection CHECK
  • Temperature Control CHECK

And the list of Roller shutters benefits goes on and on. But you probably already know that. If not, read our previous blogs on it. So what’s new?

The manufacturer of the best security roller shutters in Australia shares why you need to shop the premium yet affordable roller shutters from EzyFit Roller Shutters! As experts we understand how the intense competition in the security roller shutters Australian market makes it harder for you to choose the right brand for buying roller shutters for your house or shopfront.

Let’s GO!


Premium quality roller shutters

Who doesn’t want high-quality roller shutters? At EzyFit Roller Shutters, the experts ensure that no cheap parts are used while designing and manufacturing roller shutters. Each of the shutters is made with Italian and Spanish parts. Our certified and trusted electricians have been constantly working for years to provide every customer with the highest quality roller shutters for maximum security along with other benefits. These sturdy security shutters are easily adjustable, retractable and lockable as well.

Moreover, EzyFit Roller Shutters also provides a long-life offer of warranty on the products that is fulfilled every time without fail. A dedicated team works on all the warranty claims submitted by the customers. On the rarest of occasions, when an issue does arise with the roller shutter, we provide excellent after-sales support, service for an immediate resolution.



Variety of roller shutters!

Gone are the days when roller shutters would make a property look boring and dull. EzyFit Roller Shutters offers approximately 9 types of roller shutters in Sydney and all over Australia, and a range of 13 different colours for the customers to choose from. Multiple colour options are available in most security shutters, so you can secure your house or shopfront while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, EzyFit Roller Shutters also offers Bushfire-rated roller shutters and cyclone roller shutters to protect your property in extreme weather. So one can easily choose their window or door roller shutter according to the region they live in. One can also choose motorised roller shutters which are highly convenient due to their automated functionality.


EZY ordering process

Ever witnessed a scene where pushy salespeople visit the site and influence the decision of a customer? If you hate that as much as we do, then you are in luck. With EzyFit DIY Roller Shutters you are free to tell the manufacturing team all your requirements over a phone call and get a free quote upfront before deciding anything. If you are not the calling type, you can also visit the EzyFit DIY Roller Shutters website and place an order by providing the manufacturer with approximate measurements, your choice of roller shutter and colour along with some installation details. The team at EzyFit Roller Shutters works on the price and emails it to you as soon as possible. As soon as you accept the quote, we start putting your roller shutter shipment together.

A super easy ordering process with no sales calls, no hidden costs but only professional service.


24*7 support staff

EzyFit Roller Shutters gives every customer peace of mind by not only providing the best in class roller shutters that you can install yourself but also with its after-sale service. The manufacturer of roller shutters has live chat support and a friendly call centre service which is available round the clock. Whether it’s measuring, ordering or installing, the after-sales service team with the expertise and know-how of every window shutter helps the customers throughout the process.

The team is extremely loyal and responsive to customers and this can be seen in the excellent customer feedback.


Pocket friendly!

EzyFit Roller Shutters offer premium window shutters and after-sales service without burning a hole in your pocket. The company offers you a DIY or Do It yourself option which helps the customer save bucks on the installation process. The fully assembled and ready-to-install DIY shutter kits are supplied all across Australia. Be it screws, wall plugs, switch brackets, shutter stops, motor or control device, the kit has everything except the tools. The installation kit also provides customers with a step-by-step guide on how to install the roller shutters, to avoid mistakes and wastage of time and money.

Moreover, EzyFit Roller Shutters offers free delivery of roller shutters to most Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth etc. If the customer is not in these cities, EzyFit Roller Shutters still delivers the shutters at their doorstep.

With each day, the in-house technicians at EzyFit Roller Shutters are working on product testing and development to develop a more efficient and higher quality roller shutter. And for over 30 years we have managed to evolve and provide each of our customers with the best. Reach out to us today over a call on [email protected] or email us at 1800 399 348 and experience the difference yourself.

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