Why Do DIY with EzyFit Roller Shutters

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Free delivery all across Australia*

We would like everyone to enjoy the security and lifestyle benefits of EzyFit DIY Roller Shutters. Whether you live in urban or rural areas, you can purchase our roller shutters online, and we will delivery them to you!
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A couple who just finished installing roller shutters on their home

Saving time and money

By doing it yourself, you will save time. The roller shutters will be delivered to your door from 20 working days* and you will be saving up to 25% on installation costs with D.I.Y.
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Easy to install roller shutters

It’s as easy as drilling 8 holes in your shutter guides, drilling 8 holes into your wall, and drilling 1 hole for the electric motor or battery motor cable, then securing the shutter to your wall and it’s done.

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Easy to follow and precise instructions

We have designed a set of interactive instructions to guide you through each step of measuring, ordering and installing your roller shutters. Follow the instructions at your own speed and confidently install your roller shutters.

A couple trying to measure wall size to buy roller shutters

Control the quality of work performed

By following the provided instructions, you can easily measure, order, and install your own roller shutters at your own pace, ensuring a quality job is performed.

A woman providing customer service support over the phone

With free support available 24/7

In addition to our comprehensive measurement and installation guides, we provide twenty-four hour customer support. Whether you’re having trouble with measurement, ordering or installation, we’re available.

Still not sure you want to do it all yourself? If you’re in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth or Melbourne, we can help you Install your roller shutters. Simply call us on 1800 399 348 and one of our friendly staff member will help you out.