7 reasons why you must install roller shutter

Although there are various ways to secure your home, installing roller shutters is one of the best options. Shutters make it challenging for burglars and intruders to remove them because they are closely fitted to windows. Because of this reason, shutters were commonly installed in the past solely for security purposes. Back in the day, shutters looked heavy and industrial, leaving your home feeling safer but looking unappealing. However, with the multiple sleek options available in roller shutters, more and more people are getting premium roller shutters installed in cities like Perth. Not just that, people are also taking the route of DIY roller shutter installations in the last ten years with significant development in the roller shutter industry.

Let’s understand why.

1) Roller shutters deter burglars

Stolen goods aren’t the loss incurred in a burglary. Loss can also come in the form of damage to property, damage to a business’ reputation or even real estate value because of the “unsafe” tag. At EzyFit DIY roller shutters, we recommend investing in security roller shutters in Australian cities like Perth. Installing roller shutters can lessen the damage to your property as it creates an almost impenetrable shield over your windows. Also, unlike CCTV cameras and alarms, shutters are preventive instead of reparative. They prevent break-ins from happening instead of raising an alarm or helping connect the dots after the event has taken place. Apart from acting as a psychological deterrent, roller shutters can actually delay the break-in by a precious few minutes where the break-in can catch someone’s attention and the police be informed.

2) Roller shutters reduce unwanted outside noise

Did you know noise from heavy traffic, fireworks, even ambulances and fire trucks can go as loud as 120 decibels? Prolonged exposure to noise above 70 decibels may start to damage your hearing. So, if you have kids or pets at home or if you want to simply enjoy your leisure time in peace, investing in roller shutter is almost a no-brainer.

With our DIY roller shutters now available in Perth, as well as, all across Australia you can reduce the noises disturbing you at your home or business by up to 75%! Whether you live next to a bustling school or across the street from a busy road, these shutters are designed to minimise audible noise levels to create your home or office into the peaceful shelter of tranquillity that it was meant to be.

3) Roller shutters control extra outside light

Want to sleep during the day but have trouble doing so due to the light from the windows? Working the night shift and finding it difficult to get a restful night’s sleep during the day? If your answer to either was yes, then our sun protection roller shutters have got you covered, quite literally! With these roller shutters, property owners can control the amount of natural light that enters the room through windows. Any room can be brightened up or experience a complete black out by rolling the shutters up and down. Unlike curtains or blinds, sun protection roller shutters made from aluminium are completely opaque and closely fit over windows, allowing no light to pass through, unless rolled up.

4) Roller shutters insulate homes & offices

According to studies, up to 70% of hot air and 30% of cool air is lost through your windows. This happens both through surface transmission and through the tiny gaps between wall and ill-fitted windows. Heated air escapes your homes (and offices) during the winter months, while the cool air-conditioned air of your home plots an escape through the windows in the summer months. Combined with rising fuel prices, your energy bill just keeps soaring up higher and higher every season. But with EzyFit DIY roller shutters, the finest manufacturer of premium roller shutters in Australia, you can save up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs. To get started, order and install our insulated aluminium roller shutters on your property and then sit back, relax and let the shutters do the rest of the work.

So how does this work? The roller shutters create a double layer around the window, which helps both with surface loss, as well as, air transmitting through the nooks and crannies between wall and window. During winters, well-fitted roller shutters prevent the cold outside air from entering your property, while keeping the warm air inside. Similarly during summers, window roller shutters block the warm outside air from entering and the air-conditioned air from escaping. This can keep your property up to 15 degrees warmer in winters and up to 15 degrees cooler in summers. Saving up to 40% of your heating or air conditioning bill.

5) Roller shutters protect from bushfires & cyclones

Have you ever heard or seen in videos how things suddenly ignite during a bushfire without being touched by the flames? This is known as flashover which can cause great loss to a family or business. To prevent such unforeseen losses, investment in fire protection roller shutters is essential. These shutters prevent heat radiation and airflow from a hot fire from entering a property and lighting the objects inside on fire.

Apart from bushfires, other climatic extremities like cyclones appear to have grown stronger and more common over the previous ten years. Roller shutters also protect homes and businesses from severe winds and flying debris during a cyclone. Unlike glass windows which would simply shatter, roller shutters can resist gusts of up to 100 miles per hour. Even when forced to evacuate during a cyclone these shutters give residents a fairer chance by adding a precious few minutes to prepare and plan for the evacuation.

6) Roller shutters aid in privacy

Nothing is more important to a homeowner than their privacy and personal space, and roller shutters provide complete peace of mind by blocking unwelcome attention. When installed over all a propert’s windows, they make it impossible for anyone to see though.

For someone who lives near busy streets or among some very nosy neighbours, roller shutters are the best solution for keeping unwelcome eyes and sounds out.

7) Roller shutters increase property’s value by making it look good

From security to privacy, thanks to their multifold uses, installing roller shutters can easily boost your property’s value and marketability. And even if you have no plans to sell anytime soon, high-quality and durable DIY roller shutters in Perth from EzyFit DIY Roller Shutters will last almost a lifetime.

Roller shutters can also be customised for colour, you can for one that you like or one that complements your property. Sleek shutters in an attractive colour are bound to be liked by potential buyers, and everyone for that matter, as they provide a modern and subtle scale-up to the appearance of your home.

So, if you want to improve the privacy, style and security of your property, or reduce the energy bill, roller shutters are the ultimate solution. Now that you are armed with enough reasons as to why installing DIY roller shutters is essential for residential and commercial premises, we can help you find a perfect pick for your property. Visit our website to shop premium roller shutters today or drop us an email at [email protected] to know more. You can also give us a call on 1800 399 348 to get started!

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