All your DIY roller shutter questions…ANSWERED!

It’s the most extraordinary feeling in the world. When you build something with your own two hands and that creation gives you, your loved ones and your valuables ultimate security from unwanted elements. Yes! We are talking about Do-It-Yourself or DIY installation of roller shutters and how fun these projects can get while keeping you active and helping save money.

Now there’s a chance that if you are reading this blog, you are already thinking about getting your hands down and dirty in a DIY project. And the roller shutters experts at EzyFit DIY roller shutters, are here to answer all your DIY roller shutters queries!

Let’s get started!

Why should you consider DIY roller shutters over regular roller shutters?

Like Roller shutters, DIY roller shutters also provide home security, reduce unwanted outside noise, help control temperature and cut on your energy bills due to reduced air-conditioning and heater usage. BUT with DIY roller shutters you also save money on hiring electricians and roller shutter installers. You also save time by eliminating phone calls, coordinating with various agencies and waiting for them to visit.

And if you are shopping DIY roller shutters from EzyFit DIY roller shutters, the manufacturer of the best roller shutters in Melbourne, you get roller shutters that are super easy to install delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Australia.

Are DIY roller shutters made from something different from regular roller shutters?

Depending upon their use, there are different types of roller shutters available in the market for commercial and residential properties. In general, roller shutter parts created from steel or aluminium provide the utmost safety in residential and commercial properties from intruders and extreme weather conditions. Here are a few common types of roller shutters!

  • Aluminium Roller Shutter: These roller shutters are durable, easy to clean and are among the most popular styles. Talking of durability, DIY EzyFit roller shutters in Perth are made of strong and anti-rust interlocking aluminium slats which are coated in durable enamel for long-lasting appeal.
  • Wood Roller Shutter: Made of hardwood, wooden roller shutters have been around for centuries for their stylistic appeal. However, a downside is that they cannot handle prolonged exposure to moisture and hence are much harder to maintain.
  • Steel Roller Shutters: Steel roller shutters are built from interlocking lath sections formed from cold-rolled steel strips. Though steel roller shutters offer protection similar to aluminium roller shutters, their maintenance and repair costs are usually higher.

Is it tough to measure roller shutters openings?

Not at all! Taking measurements for roller shutters installation isn’t as difficult as it sounds. However, there are some key things to consider before getting started. You can visit our page detailing how to measure for roller shutters and get in-depth knowledge on carrying out these measurements.

Will opting for DIY roller shutter help me save money?

Roller shutters can be extremely cost-effective for business owners, as well as, home owners who are looking to save their hard-earned money. With DIY roller shutters, they can save money before and after the installation.

When you order DIY roller shutters and install it yourself, you save money on the installation charges as you don’t have to pay a single penny to electricians. And once you have successfully installed the shutters, the insulation provided by the roller shutters keeps your home warm in winters and cool in summers. That means reduced usage of air conditioners and heaters, eventually helping cut down on your energy bills.

What are easier to operate, motorised or manual roller shutters?

Shutters that can be operated manually have been in use for a long time. However, like all things, technology has made life easier for roller shutters as well.

With manual push and pull roller shutters you have to make manual effort and use the winder to open and shut the roller shutters. Whereas, in the case of motorised roller shutters, you can easily control them with either a wall switch or a remote or even through your mobile phone. So, in terms of operations, motorised roller shutters are way easier.

Do DIY roller shutters require a lot of maintenance?

DIY roller shutters from a company like EzyFit roller shutters are very low maintenance. You have to do the bare minimum to enhance their longevity. But because they are constantly at the front end of your property protecting it not only from burglars but also from climate hazards, they should be regularly cleaned and checked for damages.

Now that you are armed with all the answers regarding DIY roller shutters, it’s time to DIY! But the main question is where to get these premium roller shutters for you to get started?

Let us make this search EZY for you! You can shop the best roller shutters in Melbourne and across Australia from EzyFit DIY roller shutters. We provide you with specially designed DIY roller shutter in a diverse range of colours. Drop us an email at [email protected] or call us on 1800 399 348 to get started today or if you have more questions.

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