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Compact, Colour range, Noise reduction, Insulation and Security

This is the most popular premium residential roller shutter in our range it is the most compact and neatest looking and most secure residential roller shutter it also has the title of Australia’s best looking roller shutter


Security, Strength, Colour range anti corrosive

These Aluminium roller shutters offer very high security for commercial and residential applications that is still very compact and available in our 13 colorbond colour range


Security high strength and Noise reduction

The name says it all these roller shutters turn your business or home into a fortress they are made from plastic coated foam filled steel slats that are heavy duty


Bushfire Protection

These roller shutters are specific for bushfire prone areas that request Bal 40 rating and come with a certificate of compliance


Spring loaded medium duty

These roller shutters are great for serveries, counters in front of cupboards wardrobes as well as sheds carports and wherever else AC power is not readily available


Price, Colour range

These residential roller shutters are supplied to bunnings warehouses australia wide designed and manufactured to give great reliability at a more affordable price than the premium slimline roller shutters


Bushfire Protection

These roller shutters are specific for bushfire prone areas that request BAL 29 rating and come with a certificate of compliance.


Insulation and Noise reduction

This roller shutter is a product from Ozroll industries it’s a great residential product offering you all the benefits of what a high quality roller shutter does and more



Cyclone Rated roller shutter for high wind location, patios and alfrescos.


16 channel remote - will control up to 16 individual shutters, groups of shutters and various combinations (per room, etc.)


4 channel remote - controls up to 4 groups of shutters and 1 "master" channel to control all shutters at once.


Uninterrupted power supply in the case of fire, power outages or other electrical failures.


High quality glass wall switch for use with any of our roller shutters.


Key switch box comes with locking mechanism and 3 keys.


1 channel black remote control to control 1 roller shutter.


Installs as a wall switch, operates wirelessly like a remote. It's the best of both worlds!