Why you ABSOLUTELY MUST get DIY roller shutters

Do you remember the time when you would build stuff with Legos or solve jigsaw puzzles as a kid? Remember the joy when a part would perfectly fit in or when you solved a puzzle all by yourself?

In times when technology has made life easier and comfort living is a lifestyle that more than most have, it is sometimes refreshing to go back to the basics. Back to the things that give us joy. And what better than getting your hands dirty and brains whirring by doing your own work can give you this satisfaction? EzyFit DIY Roller Shutters can help you with all that! From providing your home and business with security, weather protection, temperature control, to making it more energy-efficient, roller shutters do a lot for a property and its residents. Above all, DIY roller shutters give you that joy and satisfaction of putting something together with your own hands when you install it at your home. And of course it is more cost-effective than getting a technician to come and install it too!

The expert technicians at EzyFit Roller Shutters, manufacturer of DIY Roller Shutters in Adelaide, have come up with the top benefits of DIY or do-it-yourself roller shutters.

Let’s dive in!

Very easy to install

Did you ever drill holes in a wall? DIY roller shutters are that easy to install. They are specially designed for anyone with basic knowledge of using tools to easily measure and install the shutters themselves. All an end-user has to do is follow the simple guidelines and instructions provided with the shutters.

With its skilled team, EzyFit Roller Shutters helps the customers at every step with detailed step-by-step guides and video tutorials. If a customer has already worked on any DIY projects, they’ll have absolutely no problems installing the shutters. And if they have never taken on a project around the house, they’ll still have an easy time mounting these shutters to their windows.

Hassle-free process

There are many scenarios where an end-user ends up postponing the setting up of roller shutters. Sometimes the user might work odd hours and their timings just don’t match with the installation team’s. Sometimes the user doesn’t even know when they’ll get time to call the team. And it’s the worst, if the installation team comes to their place and the end-user says he or she is not ready.

The constant back and forth communication to set a time can be quite a challenge for the end-user and the installation team as well. That is why the best way to stop all this is to order DIY roller shutters. Order them online and when they arrive, just install them whenever you get time, over the weekend, holidays, literally whenever you have time!

YOU Measure. YOU Install. YOU SAVE!

Three easy steps can help you save money. All a customer has to do is MEASURE the width and height of the window and ORDER online by filling a form. Then once the order reaches their house or business, they have to INSTALL it themselves.

It is true that DIY roller shutters could mean you getting out of your comfort zone but it could also help save you some dollars on the total cost. As DIY roller shutters are actually a cost-slashing weapon. This comes in very handy when you are running on a tight budget but want protection for your home or business. Even after accounting for an electrician to wire up your shutter, DIY roller shutters are approximately 25-35% cheaper than installed shutters.

With Ezy Fit DIY roller shutters, anyone can save up to $500 per shutter.

It doesn’t have to all be on you!

Even though the DIY in DIY roller shutters means do it yourself, manufacturers like Ezy Fit make sure they are always there for their customers. Right from choosing styles while ordering to the time of installation, the seller is always there.

We have been delivering DIY roller shutters in Brisbane along with other cities in Australia and we have always made sure to help countless home and business owners transform their space while saving money. How? By giving them detailed guidelines and 24×7 support staff.

Get contentment

Imagine you pay someone to do a chore around the house, but after looking at the work, you felt a pinch greater than expected in your wallet. What is the next thing you do? You tell yourself “Maybe I could have done this better.” And it is true when you do your own work, you always aim to get it perfect.

Get contentment

Moreover, doing it with your own hands sure earns you satisfaction as there is nothing more rewarding than sitting back after all the hard work put into a job well done. After installing these DIY roller shutters, you will feel that sense of pride. And the data backs us up. According to statistics, people who take on DIY projects are very satisfied with the end results, and 81% feel very self-accomplished.

A word of caution: Though the process is very easy and the installation instructions are pretty clear, these shutters can have a somewhat steep learning curve for someone who has never before picked up a tool to fix something around the house. A single person working on a shutter installation project might struggle with the Fortress Shutter and someone who might have never used mechanical and drilling tools, might find the exercise stressful.

However, for those who are even the slightest bit handy with tools, it’s time to D-I-Y. Let our expert support staff at EzyFit Roller Shutters, help you get started in installing roller shutters at your home or office. Get in touch with us! Drop us an email at [email protected] or call us on 1800 399 348

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