Home Security: Which is Better, an Alarm or Roller Shutters?

Some interesting comments found on forums by people weighing up between alarm systems vs roller shutters:

“Roller shutters not only act as a deterrent against burglars but would also be handy in case of zombie apocalypse – unlike an alarm.” Resident in Western Victoria

“Roller shutters for sure – unless every house around you has them you immediately become a harder’ target as it will be audibly and visually clear if a chancer’ is going to burgle you. If you were to be targeted by someone who was `professional’ and knew what they were after, they would probably scope out the alarms, but there’s not that much they can do about the noise…
The insulation value, both for noise and temperature is pretty good in both summer and winter. Since moving to a house with them, I have used my air-con for cooling about 5 times a year – it’s usually not needed until the third day after >37 C temperatures start, and i use the heater side about as often for a couple of hours on really cold evenings after it has been cloudy for > 2 days – a rarity here.” Resident in Melbourne

More Australians are investing in home security these days. With break-ins and robberies on the rise, people are willing to pay for peace of mind. Whether it’s surveillance cameras, deadbolts, an alarm system or security screens, keeping your property and family protected should be number one priority. Each year, over 200,000 burglaries are recorded across the country. Whilst Western Australia and Northern Territory have the highest national burglary rates, every location can benefit from added security.

Properties that implement smart security measures are less likely to be at risk. Having a noisy dog at the home will deter 61.4% of intruders and alarm systems will scare off 49.1% of thieves. Alarm systems and Roller Shutters are two of the best investments you can make for your home, but which one is better?

Drawbacks of a Home Alarm System

Although home alarm systems are great for scaring intruders, it doesn’t necessarily prevent them. In most cases, thieves won’t try to enter a property that has a visible alarm system. They’re one of the best deter methods but the dedicated thieves can get past them. Alarms are there to notify you of a break-in and potentially warn intruders to stay clear. But if an intruder was determined, a loud-sounding alarm doesn’t come with the same benefits of a solid physical barrier. Depending on the level of your chosen alarm system, these can work out expensive to set up in the home or office.

Benefits of a Security Screen

Our Roller Shutters also available in Sydney are one of the most cost-effective safety investments you can make. Because it involves installing a physical barrier between your home and the intruder, it can keep even the most determined thieves out. Especially if you don’t have fencing installed, your windows & doors are often the first line of defense when it comes to break-ins. Keeping that windows & door secure with a quality dead locks and security roller shutters prevents even the most dedicated access.

Roller Shutters can be added to all doors and windows. Our EzyFit Slimline Roller Shutters are made from tough, high-quality Italian manufactured materials to create a reliable layer of protection. Not just for safety considerations though, our roller shutters make it easy to keep the house open for fresh air during the warmer months, without compromising on privacy or safety, and add aesthetic appeal to the property which can increase its value. We also have bushfire and cyclone protection roller shutters.

Weighing up the Options

Whilst both options offer an effective way to deter intruders, roller shutters are the most cost-effective. Because you’re paying for physical barrier and a break-in preventative, it gives you a higher level of security. Our EzyFit roller shutters available in Brisbane are heavy duty and made in such a way they can’t be pried open by thieves. Unlike alarms which only notify you of an intruder, roller shutters add an extra guard between the street and your first line of defense.

For more information about the best security options for your home contact www.ezyfitrollershutters.com.au

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