Which Shutter Is Right For You?

Not sure which shutter is right for you? Let’s go through a few options.

First, do you need the shutter for council approval on a specific fire rating?

If yes, we offer a BAL 29 and BAL 40 shutter and you will know which you need so select the appropriate shutter.

Don’t need a fire rating but want fire protection? Our Fortress shutter is also very protective but does not have a rating certificate. We expect to test it at BAL FZ soon.

Second, do you live in a coastal area? 

Coastal areas get more salt and corrosion than other areas. Aluminium is a better choice than steel for this so look into our aluminium products.

Third, are you after a Colorbond colour? 

Most of our shutters have a full range of Colorbond colours available but not all do. If you want a Colorbond match avoid Fortress and BAL 40.


In general, most customers are happy with our Slimline product range for standard residential use. Titan and Fortress are stronger, Push Pull shutter is specialised and the BAL 29 and 40 are for fire protection.

If you have other questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!



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