Drive Types & Options

Ezy-Fit Roller Shutters are available with AC and DC electric motors:

1. AC Electric Motor

The Ezy-Fit Roller Shutter can come with an AC Electric Motor which is a 240 Volt AC hard wired motor.

This option gives you full automation of your roller shutter and will need to be wired into the mains of the property by a fully qualified electrician.

A wall switch comes standard with the AC Electric Motor system. This wall switch is mounted on the wall of the inside of the room close to the shutter or it can be positioned elsewhere by the electrician, depending on the application.

2. DC Battery Motor

The Ezy-Fit Roller Shutter can come with a 12 Volt DC Battery Motor system. This does not require any wiring to the mains of the house.

The roller shutter is powered by the battery in the controlling handset, which is mounted on the wall near the shutter, or close to the shutter depending on the application.

The handset requires charging to give it power in order to operate the roller shutter.

Given that the system is battery operated, in the event of power loss to the property, the shutter will still be operable. (As long as the handset still has charge in it).

Optional Extras for AC Electric Motors

When you choose AC Electric Motors, you can also order Wireless Remote Control and Battery Backup. These two options are not included in the normal Ezy-Fit Roller Shutter packs and are available at an additional cost.

Wireless Remote Control

With our remote control, you can operate your shutters from your sofa or bed.

This will allow you to operate the shutter remotely from up to 25 metres with minor obstructions and 50 metres with no obstructions away from the shutter, without the restriction of having to use the wall switch.

Remote control comes with the hand-held control unit only as per photo. (wall switch is not included)

This option is only available for the AC Electric Motor drive types and the motor needs to be wired into the mains of the property by a fully qualified electrician.

Battery Backup (UPS)

The Battery Backup system is designed to be installed with AC Electric Motor roller shutters.

It is beneficial in instances of electrical power loss. The shutters will function for approximately eight cycles with the backup system. This would make the Battery Backup system almost compulsory for shutter applications that are access points e.g. doorways, corridors or passages and bedroom windows, in the case of an emergency.

These units are usually placed in a cupboard inside the house and plugged into the electricity and the roller shutter is plugged to the back of the UPS. One UPS unit can be used to run up to three small or two big roller shutters as long as the total size of all shutters is not more than 11 square meters. For example, one UPS is enough for two shutters of 2.3 x 2.3 m, but not if one is 2.3 x 2.3 m and the other is 2.6 m x 2.8 m.

A fully qualified electrician is required for wiring this system.