Comparing Our Product to Our Competitors

Compare EzyFit Roller Shutters – Often when people get two competing quotes they see them as “the same” product but in reality, they aren’t. Our shutters aren’t just different from our competitors, they’re provably better. Instead of telling you why, we thought showing you would get the point across much better. Take a look at some of the facts and videos below on why our a quote on our shutters isn’t just another quote in your inbox.




Axle Strength

The axle is an important component that bears the weight of your shutter.

Axle Idler Strength

The difference between our idler and our competitors is its strength. Our idler is 5 times stronger than our competitor’s idler. That’s like expecting a car to take the load of what a truck does. It will fail sooner than later.

Shutter Locks

Shutter locks prevent the shutter from being forced open. These locks are absolute necessity if you need security. Without these locks, you can push the shutters up easily.

No locking shutter directly on axle

Competitors would like you to believe that connecting the shutter directly to the axle makes the shutter lock and give you security but this couldn’t be further from the truth as you can see in this video.

No axle rings or foam shutter links

This video shows exactly what you will receive from our competitors

Rings & Springs

Without shutter locks you are forced to attach profile directly to the axle. What happens then?

Shutter Stops

We finish our shutter guides (side rails) professionally with an end cap instead of the exposed aluminium cut.

Protective Side Plates

Keep your shutter from getting caught in the guides or jammed completely.

Final Thoughts

Compare apples to apples and our shutter is very clearly a superior, high quality shutter worthy of being on your home for the next 20-30 years. Our axle inserts are stronger (proven), our shutter locks work and the competitor solution does not (proven), our protective side plates and rubber rings prevent troubles down the line and service calls (proven) and our colours will match the existing Colorbond on your home better than any other roller shutter in the market (proven). When you compare what we’re doing to what others are doing you will quite easily see the difference.