30 Years in Roller Shutters

Ultimate Shutter, EzyFit Roller Shutter’s parent company, began operation over 30 years ago when our director was first shown what Roller Shutters can do.

When l got shown the roller shutters and explained all the benefits they offer l was gobsmacked! l couldn’t believe that there was a single product that could do all that!

Soon after Ultimate Shutter was born.

We have now installed hundreds of thousands of shutters across Australia and sold tens of thousands more through EzyFit. We asked our Managing Director what lessons comes with 30 years of experience in roller shutters.

I learned to be patient and that there was a lot of scope for developing the product to make it secure more reliable and more colour friendly than the options that existed, especially back then.

The reason we do our own in-house product development is to improve the roller shutters beyond what is available. There is no other company in Australia that has invested anywhere near time and money to improve roller shutters like us and you the customer will benefit from getting a better shutter system.

Building shutters to suit the DIY market required a completely different set of values and parameters around packaging, shutter structural integrity, ease of installation and reliability. We spent over 2 years developing our DIY kit, a process that we continue to refine even now.

Your “tricky” install is something we’ve done 100 times. Your “impossible” is our “did it yesterday.” Our experience guarantees that you’re going to have the best possible outcome with your new roller shutters.

Our original Ultimate Shutter website as seen in 2005 when we were in Glen Iris, before our Burwood location and long before our Cranbourne West factory.

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