Window Shutter roller & Insulation

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The average Australian home’s greatest energy expense is heating and cooling. With do-it-yourself shutters, you can keep your property’s environment stable and comfortable all year round. In addition to controlling your property’s temperature, the insulation of our shutters can save you money and reduce external noise. Alternative products like window blinds or indoor curtains just aren’t able to provide the same level of control and protection for your home. If you’re looking for a solution to reduce your energy bills, and improve the comfort – then you need to consider window roller shutters.


How Are The Shutter roller Insulated?

Each of the aluminium slats in our roller shutter systems contain injected polyurethane. This foam provides an extra barrier against heat and cold, providing you with a consistent temperature without the need for heating or air conditioning.

In addition, the shutters provide your windows with a double-glazed effect, absorbing any temperature extremes. Essentially, cold and heat can travel through to the interior or the slats, however it merely accumulates between the shutter and the window, without actually penetrating it.


What Are The Benefits?

When you’re looking to lower the energy costs of your home or business, there are several window covering products that offer attractive solutions. While some products such as curtains and blinds may offer minor relief from Australia’s difficult climate, they fail to provide the protection, control and savings that roller shutters can offer.


Climate Control

So how can insulated roller shutters improve the climate within your property? Typically severe heat and cold will enter your property through unprotected entry points such as glass windows. The addition of roller shutters provide a barrier for this entry, improving protection against the elements by up to ten times.

In the summer, heat will usually enter your property through the sun’s rays. Our shutters’ aluminium slats deflect these rays, preventing heat from penetrating your windows. This heat enters your home in the form of short wave radiation, which is reduced by up to eighty percent by our shutters.

In the winter, the principle is the same, however it is the foam insulation which prevents the cold from entering your property. With our do-it-yourself roller shutters, you can keep your property up to 15℃ cooler during summer, and up to 15℃ warmer in the winter.


Energy Savings

Roller shutters provide you with the ability to effectively control the climate in your home or business. This eliminates the need for air conditioning, heating, or any other energy-expensive systems.

In fact, with our do-it-yourself roller shutters, you can save up to forty percent on your heating and cooling costs. As the roller shutters stabilise your property’s temperature, you won’t need to operate your air conditioning or heating systems.


Noise Reduction

In addition to providing benefits to your property’s climate, roller shutters provide an effective barrier against external noise. This improves the quietness of your home or business, reducing the noise from neighbours, traffic and machinery. In fact, our roller shutters can reduce external noise for your home or business by up to seventy-five percent!