P: Drilling into bricks, the brick cracks, and the wall plug fits loosely in the hole that has been drilled.

S: Inject liquid nail into the cracked brick plus liquid nail the wall plug into the hole and wait for it to set.

P: The wall plug is loose or falls into the cavity of the brick after the hole is drilled.

S: Inject liquid nails into the hole then put the wall plug and wait for it to set.

P: Roller shutter not coming down properly or jammed and starts to unroll inside the pelmet.

S: Check that slat clip is fitted to slat correctly and not out of slat causing slat and clip to catch on nylon entry guide.

P: Roller shutter is catching or scraping against the back of pelmet box.

S: Check that the back of Pelmet is not bent in the middle causing interference in the operation of the roller shutter. If this is the case then you will have to secure the middle part of the back of the pelmet to the wall if it is away from the wall. If it is against the wall then the problem is that the wall is not straight. You will then require to pack out the left and right side of the pelmet to straighten the back of the pelmet, so as not to obstruct the movement of the roller shutter.

P: Roller shutter not coming down

S: Check rails lock to make sure it sits below guide entry not above for proper operation.

P: Roller shutter jams midway when going down

S: This is probably cause by the guides not being parallel. Make sure the guides are parallel and you have the same width at the top and bottom between the guides.

P: AC Electric motor not working

S: Ask a qualified electrician to check the wiring and switch for you.

P: DC Battery motor not working

S: Check wiring to handset holder and make sure the wire is not squashed or damaged. Make sure the handset is fully charged. Check the connectors between the battery and cable.

P: Motor stops before closing completely, or doesn’t stop after closing completely.

S: Down limit is not set correctly. Use the provided instructions and adjustment tool provided with the roller shutters to adjust the down limit on the motor. Note: Follow the next solution if your DC Battery motor doesn’t have height adjustment.

P: Down limit adjustment of the DC Battery motor that doesn’t have height adjustment option.

S: Compress the clips on the nylon cap of the axle to slide it inside the axle. Then remove the axle from the motor. Now operate the motor until the down limit is reached (motor stops when it reached that limit). Make sure the roller shutter is completely unrolled and put the axle back in place.

P: Roller shutter is operating in the opposite direction of the switch.

S: If you have the AC Electric motor ask a qualified electrician to swap the wires around on the switch. If you have the DC Battery motor, remove the handset holder from the wall and swap the wires (Red and Black) around.