Roller Shutters & Home Energy Savings

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Queensland Electricity Prices

This week an economist has predicted that electricity prices in Queensland would double in the next five years. The Alliance of Electricity Consumers spokesman Jonathan Pavetto says the prediction is based on revenue proposals put forward by Queensland energy companies (Energex & Ergon) to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). Mr Pavetto said that the State Government was benefiting from the rising cost of electricity, with annual estimates in the billions.

These predictions may seem excessive, but in the ten years prior to June 2013, household electricity prices increased 72%, while gas prices increased 54%. As the development of new gas export terminals create a tightening of supply, it is very likely that the rising price of electricity is followed by gas.


EzyFit Roller Shutters

Our aluminium roller shutters can be used to decrease your household energy expenditure by stabilising your interior temperature, and increasing insulation. Because you achieve a much more comfortable, and consistent temperature, you significantly reduce the need for heating and cooling.

Basically, because you achieve a more stable temperature, your heating or cooling is required for far shorter durations. Furthermore, because you’re significantly reducing the temperature loss to the exterior, you won’t need to run your heating or cooling as often.

The shutters are manufactured with aluminium slats, which are injected with polyurethane foam insulation. The roller shutters themselves create an air pocket between the window and the shutters. This means an extensive reduction in temperature extremes affecting your property. In addition to the energy savings presented by roller shutters, they’ll also eliminate any problems with condensation on your windows.

To buy roller shutters for your home, simply visit your local Bunnings Warehouse store, or visit our online store. If you’re looking for more information, check out the benefits of owning EzyFit Roller Shutters.

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