Roller Door

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What is a roller door

Roller Door

A roller door is a kind of door shutter which consists of several horizontal slats (at times web systems or bars) attached together. The door is being raised to open and lowered to close. On bigger doors, this act might be motorized. It offers some protection against rain or wind. In a shutter look, it is constructed in front of the window and guides the window against burglary acts and vandalism.

How it applies

The roller door has various mode of application, which include doors for buses, kitchens, warehouse, prisons, garages and schools. In some areas, roller doors are being subsidized by the governments because of its intrinsic security benefits. In some stormy regions, roller doors serve as a mean of protecting the windows and insulation from hail damage.

Benefits of a roller door

They are Insulating

A great benefit of roller door is that they appear to be a bit insulating. Reason being that most roller doors are constructed to be completely insulated, so as they help in stopping heat from leaving or getting into the room. They can really stop 90% of heat and 70% of cold. Also with the thermal insulating benefits, roller doors are very great sound insulator, they reduce sound transmission by 50%. The inside of your room will be okay temperature wise and quieter.


The biggest importance of roller room is that it offers the home a good security. This is mainly because it is firmly fixed to the door and can’t be pulled out without an extreme pressure (that is if it can be pulled out). Also being a great physical deterrent, it can likewise be a great visual deterrent which guides against intruders entering into your home.

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