EzyFit Roller Shutters offer Australian homes and businesses numerous benefits beyond security. With our roller shutters installed, you receive benefits to your weather protection, noise reduction, insulation and more!

Our roller shutters provide premium features for your property without compromising design or functionality. You can manage the security, temperature and noise of your property with the push of a button. Order your roller shutters today!

Our aluminium roller shutters are made from strong interlocking aluminium slats which are coated in durable enamel for long-lasting appeal. The shutters quickly create attractive safety barriers out of ordinary entry points.

EzyFit Roller Shutters are easily adjustable, retractable and lockable making them the perfect choice for both homes and businesses alike. The motorised shutters are highly beneficial and functional additions which add value to your property. Thanks to their intelligent design they enable easy control of temperature, security and conditions.

The list of benefits includes:

  • Improved internal and external style of your property
  • Enables sound control
  • Minimises Glare and harsh light
  • Increase privacy
  • Improves protection against inclement weather
  • Enhances security
  • Increases fire resistance of your property
  • Minimises furniture damage by harsh sunlight
  • Energy Saving for improved insulation and temperature control



Our motorised roller shutters are made from tough yet lightweight aluminium interlocking slats that are foam filled. These slats are installed and operate in between 2 aluminium shutter guides that are secured to your outside walls. When the roller shutter is in the fully closed position, the slats provide the maximum security because they are in the locking position and cannot be lifted up or pulled out the roller shutters. They create a solid barrier making break-ins almost impossible, yet when you want you can wind them back up so you can have the opening fully cleared like nothing is there.


EzyFit Roller Shutters behave in a very similar manner to double glazing by creating an air pocket in front of your window. Plus they are foam filled and this gives you an extra barrier against heat and cold for a more constant temperature in your home without the need for air conditioning or ducted heating for extreme outside temperature conditions. You can expect your home to be around 15° cooler in summer and 15° warmer in winter. When fitted with EzyFit Roller Shutters, your home becomes a much more comfortable and pleasant environment to be in.


EzyFit Roller Shutters are able to save you up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs simply by stabilising the inside temperature in your home. By having the roller shutter fully down in summer, it stops the sun’s rays hitting the glass and entering your home whilst also increasing in temperature after passing through the glass. The sun’s rays bounce off the EzyFit Roller Shutters and do not enter your home. The same applies in winter with cold air not being able to pass through the roller shutter because of the foam insulation. Therefore, you will use your air conditioner and heater 40% less than without roller shutters.


The motorised roller shutters gives you the choice and anywhere in between. Do you want to sleep during the day but find it difficult because of the light coming through the windows? Night shift worker and struggling to have a good sleep during the day? Too much glare from the sun coming through making it difficult to watch television? The Sun glare damaging or fading the carpet, furniture or floor? Need a cinema room? Find out how EzyFit Roller Shutters can solve all of your problems with external light.


Our roller shutters give you the ultimate privacy no other product can provide. With your roller shutters down, your windows become closed off to the outside world. There is nobody or anything that can see inside your home or business. You become completely private from the outside world which then gives you peace of mind knowing that you are free to do whatever you what without the possibility of neighbours or passers-by peering through your windows. Even if you have blinds covering your windows, they do not offer complete privacy like roller shutters.


Enjoy the quietness of your own home or business by up to 75%. The difference that our roller shutters can provide for you, with the double wall aluminium slats and polyurethane foam inside them, gives you the barrier against noise for a peaceful environment.  Noisy neighbours at all hours of the night, someone cutting their lawns very early on a Sunday morning, or just busy high traffic road will be a thing of the past. With our window roller shutters, you can refuse to let in all that outside unwanted noise or keep in the noise you are making yourself; it’s your choice. Find out how EzyFit Roller Shutters can reduce external noise for your home or business.


The protection that EzyFit Roller Shutters give your glass windows, in the event of a storm or hail, is without equal. The roller shutters will prevent any flying debris and large hailstones from breaking the glass and entering your home, with the possibility of rain also coming through once the glass is broken. Find out more about the storm protection benefits.


The weakest part of any home or business is the glass windows. In bushfire prone areas and in the event of fire, the embers can break your windows and enter inside. Also the heat generated by the fire can break your windows making your home exposed to the enormous heat. Our roller shutters will give you the barrier to stop the embers from breaking through and will reduce the heat from the fire dramatically, protecting you and your home. Find out more about the bushfire protection benefits.