DIY Home Improvement Risks

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While do-it-yourself home improvement projects present numerous benefits (in comparison to hiring a professional), there is often some element of risk involved. Here at EzyFit Roller Shutters, we have specially designed our product and service to reduce these risks as much as possible. Let’s take a look at the common risks involved with do-it-yourself home improvement:


1. Tools & Materials

When you purchase our window shutters, we provide you with a complete package with all the necessary materials for your installation. The components are provided in an efficient roll form packaging which allows for easy installation. The installation itself is a very simple process, and involves common tools you’re likely to find around the home.


2. Expertise

One of the core benefits of our roller shutter systems is their ease of installation. This is a product that has been designed for a hassle-free and easy installation process – with no assumed prior experience. The installation involves:

  1. Drilling eight holes into your shutter guides
  2. Drilling eight holes into your wall
  3. Drilling one hole for the electric or battery motor cable
  4. Securing the roller shutter to your wall

We provide interactive instructions to guide you through this entire process step-by-step. It allows you to follow the installation process at your own pace and convenience – so that you can confidently install your roller shutters.


3. Support

While a trade professional will be able to provide all relevant information, assistance and support for your home improvement project, a do-it-yourself project may leave you without. Here at EzyFit Roller Shutters, we provide access to our twenty-four hour call centre. We offer assistance for your roller shutter installation at any hour of the day, for any issue that arises.

In addition, we provide an extensive range of information and instructional videos for measuring, installing, servicing and troubleshooting your roller shutter system. These informational aides are available online, and provided as a hard copy with your roller shutter purchase.


EzyFit Roller Shutters

By significantly reducing the risks involved with do-it-yourself home improvement projects, EzyFit Roller Shutters are able to offer an affordable, efficient and simple benefit for your home. We aim to turn the perceived risks of do-it-yourself projects into positives.

By providing comprehensive instructions, complete roller shutter packages and quality customer service – we’re able to add to the already obvious benefits of do-it-yourself home improvement projects. View some of our customer experiences for more information on the process.