Nuo - Sydney, NSW

Alan - Warrnambool, VIC

David - Belmont North, NSW

Tim - Smithfield, QLD


Neil - Geelong, Victoria


Ian - Maddington, Western Australia


Franz - Gladstone, QLD


Kevin - Wynn Vale, South Australia


Paul - Modbury, South Australia

Tim - Kanmantoo, SA

Paul - West Beach, SA

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My office window is on the west side of the house and gets the full afternoon sun which in the tropics is fierce. The Ezy-Fit roller shutter is an ideal solution.
I ordered an in reveal shutter which fitted like a glove, the video instructions are simple and the animations make it look so easy, which it is, however I recommend the use of an electric screwdriver, those fixing screws take a fair effort to screw right in.
One of the small plastic locks fell of in transit and I had the occasion to ring for advice. The people at Ezy-Fit are very friendly and helpful, immediately sending suitable glue to reinstall the part.
Many thanks to Julie, Michael and all the team at Ezy-Fit roller shutters for a great product.

Ken - Yeppoon, Central Queensland


Special thanks to Michael and Rose Mete from Ezyfit Rollershutters - super customer service. Thanks again for fixing MY mistake and still delivering on time!
Installed a 2.8 meter shutter (face fit) on our pergola. Followed the instructions and it was easy to do. Great product and looks fantastic 🙂

Anna -Kurunjang, VIC


Great product, ordered from Bunnings and was delivered in the time specified. Very happy with my roller shutters!

Dwight - Lara, Victoria


Purchased 3 ezydit roller shutters, for a very affordable price, requested a particular date for delivery & was guaranteed that date would be met!! The delivery arrived a day earlier than promised, unpacked the shutters, read the easy to follow instructions & had them 'FIT' in one day......EZY!!!! Thanks for the excellent customer service received from Peter B & his staff.


Walter Hannagan - Kingscote. South Australia


This is absolutely amazing, it is as easy as they say, no kidding, I've installed eight "in reveal" roller shutters in no time. All I had to do was just follow the instructions which happen to be very clear. Can not thank enough to all the support from the first day. Many thanks to Rose and all the team at Ezy-Fit roller shutters.


Antonio Coelho - Canberra. Australian Capital Territory


Thank you for the first time in my life I actually could understand the installations simple to measure + simple to install , even though I did not do the work. My husband installed the roller shutters and generally he is not very handy around the house but he did not find it complicated at all. It is what it says, EZY FIT. Congratulations!

Wendy - Rockdale, New South Wales


My partner and I have just installed our 5th diy set of Ezyfit roller shutters. We're most impressed with the product, as well as the service that we've received. The shutters are excellent, the service is second to none. I can't say enough good things about the company and it's products. Thank you so much.


Rosalie - Central Victoria


I could not believe my luck when I saw DIY Roller Shutters at my local Bunnings store with the exact colour that I wanted to match my windows and gutters with Iron stone. I had previously had quotes for Roller Shutters companies but they did not have the colour that I wanted hence why I never purchased I ordered three Roller Shutters and have successfully installed them, they look great and the price was much cheaper than anywhere else.

David - Beckenham, Western Australia


To Michael, Thanks for your help and understanding what I had to do although it was not straight forward. With your help everything went well we, got our shutters delivered and I installed them without any problems. Very happy customer and thanks once again.

Alex - Glenorie, New South Wales


I bought 3 roller shutters from ezyfit roller shutters and have been extremely impressed with the speed of service, delivery time, quality of the product and ease of installation.
This is a perfect alternative for a home handyman who is seeking a cheaper alternative without compromising on quality.
The instructions are easy to follow and it took me about an hour to unpack and install the shutter.
To my surprise there is also phone support for any questions you may have.
Highly recommend purchasing from ezyfit roller shutters.

Paul - West Beach, South Australia