Roller Shutters in Mill Park

We supply a range of do-it-yourself window shutters that are perfect for your home’s exterior. Our motorised, aluminium roller shutters have been specially designed for easy measurement and installation.

These roller shutters are available in either AC Electric or DC Battery motors, and come in nine unique ColorBond colours. Our roller shutters will provide extensive benefits for both commercial and residential properties.

If you’re looking to buy roller shutters , you can purchase in-store at Bunnings Warehouse Mill Park, or you can buy online for free delivery Australia-wide!

Why roller shutters for windows? Find out now!

With our ‘do it yourself’ window shutters, you won’t need to hire an installation service – which saves you both time and money! In addition to providing your home with security and protection, our shutters offer: climate control, energy savings, privacy and more!

Available with either the wall-switch or remote control, you’ll have the ability to control your security and privacy with the push of a button! This is a level of convenience that the other products just cannot match. Our roller shutters will provide your home with more control, protection and efficiency than blinds, awnings, or curtains.

By installing our shutters, you have the ability to save up to forty percent on your home’s heating and cooling costs. With insulated foam slats, you can keep your home up to 15°C cooler during summer, and up to 15°C warmer during winter. Explore all of the benefits of EzyFit DIY Roller Shutters.

In fact, they have the potential to save you up to forty percent on your home’s heating and cooling costs!

Online Window Roller Shutters

If you’re after a convenient shopping experience, you can buy our ‘do it yourself’ window shutters from the EzyFit Roller Shutters website. When you buy from our online store, you’ll get free delivery straight to your door!

If you’re in Mill Park, and looking to buy online, you’ll need to follow the window shutter measurement instructions. These instructions will guide you through the measurement ordering processes. The instructions cover everything involved in the ordering – from the different motor types, window fittings, and the available colours.



Once your order has been completed, we manufacture your roller shutters, and arrange for them to be sent to you – which typically arrive within fifteen days. If you’re looking for a quick quote, you can also use our online price check.

Visit Bunnings Warehouse In Mill Park

Our window roller shutters are available to be purchased from Bunnings Warehouse stores across Victoria. If you visit the Bunnings Warehouse store in Mill Park, you can view our roller shutter displays, compare the different colour samples, and even place an order for your own roller shutters.

There are several Bunnings Warehouse locations in and around the Mill Park area for you to choose from, including:

If you’re looking to order in-store, you’ll need to use the measurement instructions to fill out your order form. Once you’ve completed your form, simply bring it to the staff at the Special Orders Desk in the Mill Park store. These staff at Bunnings Warehouse will be able to confirm your order and the total price prior to proceeding with purchase.

Read our full delivery terms & conditions.