Winter Roller Shutters & Home Insulation

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Earlier this week, Sydney experienced a cold front that sent temperatures as low as five degrees. In fact, this cold front caused Sydney to experience its coldest cold snap (or cold wave) in seventeen years! The region is likely to experience these cooler temperatures for several more weeks, as polar air moves in over Australia.

Meteorologists are predicting that this cold snap will hit the Queensland region later this week, with temperatures as low as seven degrees, bringing with it both wind and rain for the Brisbane region.

With EzyFit Roller Shutters, you can expect to keep your home fifteen degrees warmer throughout the winter.

Australian Winter

Often when we think about winter in Australia, our minds go to Melbourne or Canberra. But the reality is that the cold climate is experienced across the nation. Did you know that South Australians had the third highest energy costs in the entire world? So now that we’re getting to the middle of winter, more and more home-owners are looking for solutions to keeping their home warm. But which solution is right for you?


Roller Shutters

While our roller shutters provide a number of benefits (e.g. security, noise control, privacy), the most relevant right now seem to be climate control and energy savings. By installing our motorised roller shutters in your home, you can avoid being confronted by expensive winter heating bills, and take control of the temperature inside your home. Did you know our roller shutters can save you up to forty-percent on your heating and cooling costs!


Winter Heating & Insulation

Our roller shutters provide protection in a similar manner to double glazing. By creating an air pocket in front of your window, they provide a more constant temperature in your home year-round. With EzyFit Roller Shutters, you can expect to keep your home fifteen degrees warmer throughout the winter. The aluminium roller shutter slats are foam filled, providing an additional barrier against heat and cold entering your home.

The roller shutters not only help to keep the cold air out, but they’ll help keep the warm air in. This means that you achieve a much more stable environment for your home, preventing any significant temperature fluctuations. By increasing the energy efficiency of your home, you’ll save on heating while reducing your home’s emissions.


Storm Protection

With our shutters, not only will you have more control over your home’s temperature, but you’ll be saving on air conditioning, and heating. In addition, they will provide effective protection against any winter storms, or hail. The level of protection that they provide is unmatched; preventing any flying debris, or large hailstones from breaking your home’s glass windows.