DIY Shutters, an alternate to conventional window covering

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New alternative to A1 blinds, DIY Shutters.

a1 blinds and shutters

Formerly, only few people could afford the customized window coverings, but now they are in reach of everyone. This is because of our newest range of a1 quality Roller Shutters by Ezyfit. No wonder window coverings is one of the fastest growing category in Home improvement market. At EzyFit Roller Shutters we have gone a step ahead and made DIY Roller Shutters. DIY shutters’ biggest advantage is cost, the cost of installation is eliminated and we can invest in making a product which great quality at affordable price.

Most of the home furnishings are merely noticed by those who came into your house, though, your window covering get noticed by the outer world. Our a1 quality Roller Shutters  can renovate the outdoor of your house from just bricks and mortar into a house. They provide the outer world a sight of what the other homes has to propose and that’s why many considerations should join the blueprint of your Window coverings.

Today, buyers are not seeking the minimalist appearance of a window blind as the trend is moving towards decorating the window except covering it. To get this, a window is frequently decorated by a Roller Shutter within the interior matching colour. To make colour choosing simpler, we have come up with colours which are inspired from Modern Australian homes. The most famous Venetian a1 blinds have been Black, Silver, Cream, or White, but why being same as everybody else? Why not attempt different colourcombination? That’s where we decided to actually look at what customers need rather then just forcing them to buy few options. Our Roller Shutters come with 9 colour options.

For example: if the colours in your room Black & White, Red, then you can try 4 White, 3 Red, 2 Black Slats, 3 Red Slats, 4 White Slats and track the outline up to the end. It will give a stunning look to your home.

Before opting for A1 blinds or any other window covering, give EzyFit a try. It’s the most convenient way to cover your windows.

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